Guest Lecturing Services
Guest Lecturing Services

Dr. Schmitz lectures at many seminars and conferences to help dentists and other specialists learn about the All-On-4 Technique.

What is the All-On-4 Technique for Dental Implants?

This procedure was created by Nobel Biocare as an Immediate Functionâ„¢ procedure that is effective for people who have dentures or need a full restoration (upper and/or lower). In one procedure, patients who qualify will receive four implants and a complete set of replacement teeth, without bone grafts.

The All-On-4 Technique for Dental Implants

Who is NobelBiocare?

NobelBiocare is one of the leaders in providing the All-On-4 procedure. Unlike other procedures that use six, eight or more implants which often include bone grafting, NobelBiocare uses only four implants without bone grafts, and has a very high success right compared to traditional methods. The All-On-4 Technique was developed in Europe and is CE and FDA approved.


Case Study:

Here is an example of the magnificient work that can be done using this technique. Dr. Schmitz felt the All-On-4 Technique was the best option for this patient to give him a new and beautiful smile.


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